Route Code     Route Code
 Auchtermuchty  08:00    Castlehill PS arrive  14:50
 Trafalgar  08:05    Castlehill depart  15:05
 Ladybank Station  08:13    St. Columbas PS arrive  15:10
 Kingskettle Ladybank Rd  8:18    St. Columbas PS depart  15:20
 Balmalcolm  08:20    Cupar Muir  15:25
 Pitlessie  08:25    Springfield  15:30
 Springfield  08:33    Pitlessie  15:35
 Cupar Muir  08:39    Balmalcolm  15:40
 St. Columbas PS  08:50    Kingskettle  15:43
Castlehill PS 08:55   Ladybank Station 15:47
       Trafalgar 15:54
       Auchtermuchty 16:00

Route Code A – Auchtermuchty/A91/A92/Ladybank, Cupar Road, Melville Road, Victoria Road, Kettle Road/Kingskettle, Ladybank Road, Main Street/B9129/ A914/Balmalcolm/Pitlessie/Springfield, Station Road, Crawley Crecent, Tarvit Terrace, Station Road/Cupar Muir, Drum Road/Cupar, Westfield Road, West Park Road, West Port, St Columbas PS, Bonnygate, St Catherine Street, Station Road, South Road, Ceres Road, Castlehill PS

Route Code B – Castlehill PS, Ceres Road, Millgate, Blalowan Park, Westfield Road, West Park Road, West Port, opposite St Columbas PS, Bonnygate, Crossgate, Millgate, Blalowan Park, Westfield Rd/Drum Road, Cupar Muir, Cupar Road/Springfield, Station Road, Crawley Crescent, Tarvit Terrace, Station Road/A914, Pitlessie and reverse of route A