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Route Code A
Travel Pass Colour Yellow
Newburgh,High Street,adj,West Port Road 07:52
Newburgh,Cupar Road,adj,George Hotel 07:53
Newburgh,Cupar Road,adj,Abbey Garage 07:54
Den of Lindores,A913,Southbound,Main Road 07:57
Lindores,A913,opp,Lindores Loch Road End 08:00
Luthrie,Luthrie Road,opp,Playing Field 08:10
Moonzie,Moonzie,Cupar Road,opp,Farm Cottages 08:17
Bell Baxter HS 08:30
Route Code B B
Travel Pass Colour Yellow Yellow
M,Tu & F W & Th
Bell Baxter HS stance 4 arrive 14:40 15:30
Bell Baxter HS stance 4 depart 14:55 15:45
Moonzie,Moonzie,Cupar Road,adj,Farm Cottages 15:03 15:53
Luthrie,Luthrie Road,opp,Playing Field 15:08 15:58
Lindores,A913,adj,Lindores Loch Road End 15:21 16:11
Den of Lindores,A913,Northbound,Main Road 15:23 16:13
Newburgh,Cupar Road,opp,Melville Place 15:26 16:16
Newburgh,Cupar Road,opp,George Hotel 15:27 16:17
Newburgh,High Street,opp,West Port Road 15:27 16:17


Route Code A - Newburgh, High Street, A913, Cupar Road, Burnside, Burnside Cattery, A913, Den of Lindores, A913, Lindores, A913, A92, unclassified road, Luthrie, Luthriebank Road, unclassified road, A92, unclassified road, Moonzie farm cottages, unclassified road, A913, Cupar, Balgarvie Road, Carslogie Road, Bell Baxter HS

Route Code B - Bell Baxter HS, Carslogie Road, Balgarvie Road, A913, unclassified road, Moonzie Farm Cottages, unclassified road, A92, unclassified Road, Luthrie, Luthriebank Road, unclassified road, A92, A913, Den of Lindores, A913, Lindores, A913, Newburgh, Burnside Cattery, Burnside, Cupar Road, High Street