Bus and coach hire since 1945.
Monday to Saturday
Service No BB18
Cupar, Crossgate 07:10
Dairsie, Main Road 07:18
Balmullo, Main Road 07:22
St Michaels 07:25
Tayport, Elizabeth Street 07:32
Newport, High Street 07:45
Wormit, Riverside Road 07:50
Gauldry, Main St 07:55
Wester Kilmany 08:00
Kilmany, A92 08:01
Logie 08:06
Denbrae 08:09
Foodieash 08:14
Cupar, Bell Baxter HS bus park 08:24
Service No BB18
Code B Sch
Travel Pass Colour Tu & F
Bell Baxter HS stance C depart 15:45 14:55
Cupar YMCA 15:45 14:55
Foodieash 15:57 15:07
Denbrae 16:01 15:11
Logie 16:04 15:14
Kilmany 16:07 15:17
Gauldry, Main Road 16:20 15:30
Wormit, Riverside Road 16:25
Newport, High Street 16:30
Tayport, Elizabeth Street 16:43
St Michaels 16:50
Balmullo, Main Road 16:53
Dairsie, Main Road 16:57
Cupar, WH Smith 17:05
Route Code A - Cupar, Crossgate, South Bridge, Station Road, East Bridge, A91, Dairsie Main Road, A91, A914, Balmullo Main Road, A914, St Michaels, B945 Tayport, Nelson Street, Golf Road, Elizabeth Street, William Street, B946, Newport, Tay Street, High Street, Kinbrae Park Turning Circle, West Road, St Fort Road, Wormit Riverside Road, Kilmany Road, unclassified Road, Gauldry, Main Road, (via Fincraigs), A92, Wester Kilmany, Kilmany Village, A92, Logie, Foodieash, Cupar, Bank Street, North Burnside, East Burnside, St Catherine Street, Bonnygate, West Port, Carslogie Road, Bell Baxter HS bus park
Route Code B ? reverse of route code A
C Bell Baxter served on schooldays only
Sch schooldays Tuesdays and Fridays only
No Service 25, 26 July or 1, 2 January