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in Dundee and East Fife

What is ABC?

ABC is a multi-operator scheme for Dundee which allows you to travel on All Bus Companies across Dundee with one smart ticket.

Who's involved?

The scheme is partnership involving bus operators, local authorities and Transport Scotland.

Where can I use ABC?

From Monday 3 June 2019, ABC will be valid across 3 ticket zones - Dundee, East Fife and a zone which combines the two. It's valid for unlimited travel so you can hop on and off any bus you like within these areas.


ABC zone map


How does it work?

ABC is a smart ticket product which offers you unlimited travel. You can buy ABC on board from any bus driver when you start your journey. The ABC ticket product will be loaded onto your current smartcard, whether it's an Xplore Dundee Discovr card, a StagecoachSmart card, Moffat and Williamson smartcard or your National Entitlement card. If you don't already have one, the driver will give you a new smartcard (this will cost you £1).

You can also buy ABC from Dundee bus station, St Andrews bus station or the Xplore Dundee travel shop on Commercial Street.

After the ABC ticket you've bought has been loaded onto your smartcard, just place the card onto the ticket machine as you board the next bus and tell the driver where you’re going.

All ticket types will be loaded onto a smartcard to use in this manner, you will not be issued a paper ticket. ABC is not available to buy online or via an app.

How much does it cost?

The following ticket types are available:

Dundee zone

Ticket type Adult price Child price
ABC day £4.30 £3
ABC week £14.90 £9.70

East Fife zone

Ticket type Adult price Child price
ABC day £9 £5.50
ABC week £32 £23

Dundee and East Fife zone

Ticket type Adult price Child price
ABC day £12.70 £8
ABC week £44.60 £31

Prices have been frozen at the current levels for 2019!

Child tickets are valid for customers aged 5-15 years old, you may be asked to show proof of age. children under 5 travel for free on all bus services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smartcard?

It is an electronic ticket in the form of a plastic card with an embedded microchip that stores your travel tickets. Smartcards are re-usable and can be loaded on bus with smart tickets including ABC Day or ABC Week passes.

Is there a charge for a smartcard?

There is a £1 charge for any new smart card issued, so be smart with your card! There is no charge if you already have a card and present it to the driver to load a new ABC ticket onto it. There is also no charge for a new smart card if you buy your ticket online.

Do I need to do anything when I get my card?

You can choose to register your smartcard with the operator who issued it.

Is there a version for children?

Yes ABC day and ABC week tickets are available as an adult version or a child version, which is available for under 16s. You may be asked to provide proof of age when buying or using a child version.

What about under-5s?

Children aged under five travel for free when accompanied by an adult.

How do I use my smartcard?

When you board the bus place your card onto the ticket reader and tell the driver where you are going. The driver can tell whether there is a smart ABC ticket product already on the card.

How do I renew my smart ABC ticket?

Simply place your smartcard onto the ticket reader and tell the driver which ABC ticket product you require. The driver will then load the new ticket onto your smartcard and you just pay the driver the cost of the product.

Can I top-up by credit or debit card?

You can make a contactless payment on a Stagecoach bus or the Stagecoach travel shop at the bus stations in Dundee or St Andrews. Moffat and Williamson and Xplore Dundee currently only accept cash payments on bus, but you can also pay by credit/debit card at Xplore Dundee travel shop - Commercial Street, Dundee

What should I do if I lose my smartcard?

Unfortunately if you lose your smartcard you may lose any remaining value that was stored on it. If you have registered your StagecoachSmart card, we may be able to help by hotlisting your card to ensure no one else can use it and we can reissue it provided you have 5 days' or more travel remaining on the card. Visit our StagecoachSmart web page and register your card. If you have registered your Discovr card with Xplore Dundee, they may be able to help by hotlisting your card to ensure no one else could use it, full details can be found on nxdiscovr.co.uk. If you have lost your National Entitlement card this can be reissued by your local authority. Otherwise simply ask your bus driver for a new smartcard.

What happens if my card doesn’t work on the bus?

The driver can run a card report on your smartcard to see if there is a valid product on the card. In the unlikely event your card does not work, despite having a valid product loaded onto it, you will need to pay the appropriate fare, but keep your ticket and you can contact the supplier of your smartcard (contact details on next section for the bus operators, Dundee City Council and Fife Council.)

Can I use my smartcard for other tickets?

Yes, you can use it for Stagecoach megarider tickets and Xplore Dundee Discovr tickets.

Do I need to register my smartcard?

If you have a StagecoachSmart card it is advisable to register it with Stagecoach by visiting stagecoachbus.com. If you have an Xplore Dundee Discovr card it is advisable that you register it with Xplore Dundee either by visiting xploredundee.com or visiting their travel centre.

If you have a query or problem with your smartcard you can contact the operator or authority who issued the card for assistance:

National Entitlement card:

Dundee area: Call 01382 433267 or email dundee.nec@dundeecity.gov.uk

Fife area: Call 03451 55 00 66 or email myfife.account@fife.gov.uk

Moffat & Williamson card:

Call 01382 541159 or email enquiries@moffat-williamson.co.uk

StagecoachSmart card:

Call 0345 810 1000 or email customer.support@stagecoachsmart.com

Xplore Dundee Discovr card:

Call 01382 340005 or email discovrcard@nationalexpress.com