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Route Code   A                                                     Route Code
 Coaltown of Balgonie  08:30      St. Pauls PS arrive by  14:50
 Markinch High Street  08:35      St.Pauls PS depart 15:05 
 Prestonhall Drive  08:39      Warout Rd St. Pauls Church  15:07
 Woodside Bighty Avenue  08:43      Woodside Bighty Ave 15:12 
 Warout Road St. Pauls Church  08:48      Prestonhall Drive  15:16
 St. Pauls PS  08:50      Markinch High Street  15:20
         Coaltown of Balgonie  15:25
Route Description:

Route A - Coaltown of Balgonie, Main St./Milburn Ave/B9130/Coaltown Rd/Markinch High Street/ Balbirnie St/B9130/Prestonhall Dr/ Alburne Park (low Bridge) /Woodside Way/Bighty Ave/Happer Cres/Carseggie Cres/Woodside Way/Woodside Rd/Warout Rd/Caskieberran Dr/Rimbleton Ave/St Pauls PS

Route B - St. Pauls PS/Rimbleton Ave/Caskiebarran Dr/Warout Rd/Woodside Rd/Woodside Way/Carswggie Cres/Happer Cres/Bighty Ave/Woodside Way/(low Bridge) Alburne Park/Prestonhall Dr/B9130/Balbirnie St/Markinch, High street/Balgonie Rd TC/High Street/Coaltown Rd/B9130/Coaltown of Balgonie, Milburn Ave/Main St.